FAQS {Frequently Asked Questions}

If you allow followers its obvious that you are 18+.

Step 1: To allow followers on facebook Go To  https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=followers  Or Alternatively You Can Go To Account Settings Then Followers Tab.

Step 2: Now Here you have to change the settings from “Friends” to “Everyone” for allowing friends of friends and strangers to follow you.

Step 3: Also you have to allow public to like your posts and they can also post their comments below your each post.

After Setting subscribers feature on, you have to do one more setting with your facebook profile which is " Make your posts publicly visible.
Step 1: To make your profile posts public, Go To  https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=privacy  Or Alternatively You Can Go To Account Settings Then Privacy Tab.

Step 2. Change there "Who can see my stuff" to Public and also change "Who can send you friend request" to Everyone.

Access Token is like an authorization certificate and generally used by facebook applications to get access to your profile.
We need your Status to be in public because you will be reciving likes from the users who are not even in your friends list, and even you know, so its necessary to post in public.
FBToools.com is a auto liker website kind of social marketing system that will increase followers, likes, comments and increase visits to pages on facebook. Our system is based on an online community of users who look get likes quickly and easily.

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